Social Events

Welcome Drink

August 19, 19:30-22:00

Bethlehem Chapel (Betlemske namesti 4, Praha 1)

Price: included in the conference registration fee
The price includes: welcome drink, music performance, keynote lecture

Bethlehem Chapel

The Bethlehem Chapel was founded in 1391 by Wenceslas Kriz and John of Milheim. The building was never officially called a church, only a chapel, though it could contain 3,000 people; indeed, the chapel encroached upon the parish of Sts. Philip and James, and John of Milheim paid the pastor of that church 90 grossi as compensation. John Hus became a rector and a preacher in March 1402. After Hus's excommunication in 1412, the Pope ordered the Bethlehem chapel to be pulled down, although this action was rejected by the Czech majority on the Old Town council. After Hus's death, he was succeeded by Jacob of Mies.

Nowadays it belongs to the Czech Technical University in Prague and it is used as a concert hall or a meeting hall for celebrations and graduation ceremonies.

Conference Dinner

August 21, 20:00-23:00

Monastery Restaurant (Strahovske nadvori 11, Praha 1)

Price: 60 EUR (for delegates) or 80 EUR (for accompanying persons)
The price includes: buffet, drinks, music performance

Monastery Restaurant

This restaurant is situated in Strahov, close Strahov Monastery.
The cuisine offered by the restaurant is an open range, and includes traditional Bohemian specialities prepared according to age-old recipes. Sucking pigs, steaks, tarts, and pizza are prepared in front of restaurant guests, and the head chef serves meat dishes on historic swords from the reign of Charles IV. The wine served by the restaurant comes from our own Moravian Premonstratensian cellars and bears the name of the founder of the order – St Norbert.
Visitors who visit the restaurant in the evening can enjoy a programme of brass band, folk, and cimbalom music with demonstrations of traditional Bohemian and Moravian dancing in period costumes.